Ruth Houtman

I am the founder, manager and concertino of Challenge YourSenses!

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Making music is like breathing to me

This is my motto. I cannot live without music, but it is not a higher goal for me,it is part of my life. This means to me that everything I learned, I read and internalized is used while I play. I let the control over the material go and let my soul take over.

I studied the violin with Kees Koelmans and Marc Destrubé. I earned a Bachelor and a Master in Music. After my MA I started to play the Baroque violin. A few years of ‘trial and error’ passed by, then I decided to take lessons from Antoinette Lohman. She made me begin with songs from the 16th century all the way  to Bach and by now I have a symbiotic relationship with my Baroque violin.

As a Baroque violinist I am associated with ensembles like Concerto Barocco and La Sfera Armoniosa among many others. Besides being the  the co-concertmaster of Concerto Barocco I also function as the orchestra  and production manager. I run my own practice as a violin teacher.