Norbert Kunst


I studied recorder, bassoon and dubble-bass at the conservatory of Utrecht. I was also active as a recorder builder for severl years.

After my specialisation in baroque bassoon I played in many of the European baroque orchestra’s. For instance Les Arts Florissants (Parijs), Musica Antiqua Köln, Concerto Köln, Musica Ad Rhenum and Trio Passaggio. Since 1979 I am a bassplayer in Salonorchestra Mélange and Jazzcombo Zwilly.

When my father passed away, Piet Kunst, founder and conductor of ensemble Praetorius I became their artistic leader. I also work as the conductor and teacher of het midievel winds ensemble Capella Del Arte . Next to my work as a conductor I am the manager and bassoonplayer  of Concerto Barocco of the Netherlands